Wait – how do you pronounce Tønsberg again?

In case you missed our first three days in Oslo.

Snapchat-7167048937260762582The day started off right. We were up at 6:30 Monday morning to catch the 7:39 train to Tønsberg. I was running on about 3 hours of sleep, while the other guys had less. Apparently I snore. I don’t hear it.

I had an amazing cinnamon raisin creme something danish from 711, and then Starbucks hooked me up with this sweet nickname. I’m sticking with it.

The train was straight forward. Amazing scenery. Gorgeous. Really to die for. I didn’t take a single photo.

We were heading towards Tønsberg so Alan and Jon could give a presentation on Bitcoin and The Dark Net. Skatteetaten is the Norwegian equivalent of the IRS, except a lot more down to earth. They did really great, we had fun chatting with everyone, and Mendim even snuck in a nap.



We got dropped off at the Thon hotel and caught up on emails and work. Had a few pints with our Skatteetaten hosts, learned a proper toast in Norwegian (which I also still have issue with). We ended the night at a great Irish pub where our bartender, Andy, took good care of us. Alan and Jon spent the better part of the evening attempting to pick a set of handcuffs found on a stool leg, but were unsuccessful. A plumber named Paul drunkenly hired Alan for the upcoming summer (never going to happen), and promised to teach him the Viking ways.

We were up early Tuesday as well. Jon and I both missed our alarms, so a bit later of a start than intended. At my request, we ventured to Verdens Ende – The End of the Earth.


IMG_20160202_110449949 IMG_20160202_110826592

Photos don’t do it justice. So here’s some more


I passed out instantly in the car, and when I woke up,



Being in Midgard was something else entirely.

It is “Northern Europe’s largest assembly of monumental grave mounds”. It was a Viking settlement, which has since been turned into a National Heritage Site. It features 50 burial grounds, and is the excavation site of The Oseberg (an well-preserved Viking ship they found underground, salvaged, and is currently on display in Oslo). We read all about the ship, viking history, and got to walk around the grounds. It was beyond words.


So the ø is a U sound?

Then back to downtown Tønsberg for lunch, and to catch the 3pm back to Oslo. We had Italian. I’m still not sure what Norwegian food is. Here’s two more photos.

IMG_20160202_102033099 IMG_20160202_102021325

We’re back in Oslo, gearing up and getting ready to head to Gothenburg, Sweden tomorrow evening. It’s the 2nd largest city in Sweden. I’ll keep you updated. Cheers.